P3 Designs Launches Its Revolutionary New Golf Course Search Tool Called The Golf Course Fitting System™

January 22, 2013. The Golf Course Fitting System™ is a revolutionary patent pending golf course search tool that actually "fits" golfers to golf courses.

For years golfers have been able to search for golf courses on the Internet by parameters such as rates, location, architect or rankings. All of these parameters are useful for a golf course search. However, searching for a golf course by these parameters alone leaves a massive void in valuable information about the golf course's design and layout . . . the very things that impact the actual "playability" of the golf course. The Golf Course Fitting System™ was designed to fill this void by placing this valuable "playability" information at the heart of the search criteria. When using the Golf Course Fitting System™ a golfer can quickly find golf courses that not only "fit" their budget but "fit" their playing preferences as well.

The Golf Course Fitting System™ has a unique algorithm that takes into account every golf course's physical design characteristics (hole by hole) and converts this "playability" data into a standardized personality score called a Tee-To-Green Personality™. The Golf Course Fitting System's™ user interface allows a golfer to design a golf course Tee-To-Green Personality™ that they would like to experience and then search for golf courses that "fit" the design that they have created. This unique user experience is what lead P3 Designs, LLC to the slogan for their new application . . . "You design it. We find it™."

"After nearly two years of research, design, construction and data entry, we are extremely excited to launch our Beta version of The Golf Course Fitting System™ for the golf world to experience," said Chad Derusseau, founder of P3 Designs, LLC. "We are now turning our attention toward establishing strategic business relationships through affiliate programs, licensing and joint ventures. Ultimately we want The Golf Course Fitting System™ to be part of a comprehensive golf website where golfers can book tee times, book golf travel, create player & group profiles and connect with PGA Professionals and other golfers. With the right platform and support The Golf Course Fitting System™ will revolutionize the way golfers search for golf courses on the Internet."

P3 Designs, LLC is a company based in North Carolina that specializes in golf marketing and information technology. Derusseau founded the company in 2010. For more information, contact Derusseau at 910/467-2733 or via email at info@thegolftravelsite.com.