PGA Golf Club to Unveil Remodeled 18-hole Dye Course

PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Fla. will unveil the newly restored 18-hole Dye Course on Tuesday, October 9. PGA of America Chief Executive Officer Joe Steranka, course designer Pete Dye - the 2004 PGA Distinguished Service Award winner, and Port St. Lucie Mayor Patricia Christensen are scheduled to be on-hand at 1:30 p.m. (EDT) for a press conference that will highlight the changes made by Dye.

Dye made changes to his namesake course that reflected a more historical restoration as opposed to a traditional renovation of a resort facility. The alterations allow the course to stay true to its form and remain a distinctly South Florida links-style course. "I really like that golf course," said Dye. "It's one of my better golf courses. I've always thought that."

One of the most significant changes is at the first hole. New landscaping gives golfers a sense that they're not within a residential community as an open-bowl effect offers views of the 100-acre "Big Mamu" Wetland and its wildlife.

"The PGA of America is proud to unveil the Dye Course, as we complete the capital improvement plans for our three magnificent courses," said PGA President Brian Whitcomb, who helped ensure that the improvements to the PGA Golf Club's three courses and the recent expansion of the golf shop were completed on schedule. "People will know now that what we have with the Dye Course restoration is a really unique and special design for a course that is quite special in its own right.

"With the restoration of the Dye Course and last year's capital improvements to the Wanamaker and Ryder Courses, the PGA Golf Club now has three remarkable courses in place to provide a best-in-class golf destination for generations to come," added Steranka.

"It's satisfying to see the Dye Course return to its glory," said general manager Bob Baldassari. "It's a special and pure golf experience that's in-line with Pete's one-of-a-kind design work."

Other changes include:

* Installation of new Champion Ultra Dwarf grass on all 18 greens
* Paspallum grass on all tee grounds
* New irrigation and coquina base installed along the car paths to reduce the amount of dust produced from the sand
* Greenside bunkers were improved with the replacement of sand
* Vista portals were also cleaned and maintained along the course

Another highlight to the restoration is an environmentally friendly drainage plan, which allows the old, self-contained marsh to drain into a sump pump, which is then recycled back onto the playing area when needed. "Those marshes set up as good as any golf course I've ever been associated with environmentally," said Dye. "There's nothing else like it in that area."

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