Pick the Top Golf Holes in the World

A new website has been developed that is dedicated to recognizing the top golf holes in the world.

The portal, www.GolfHoleHallofFame.org, offers two types of categories for great individual holes: Legendary and Honorary. Selections will be based on (1) Strategy, (2) Enjoyment, (3) Memorability, (4) Aesthetics, and (5) Acclaim.

The process involves the nomination of a hole, which will then be reviewed by professional golfers, golf writers, golf and travel executives, and members of national and regional golf associations.

According to the website, the Golf Hole Hall of Fame is not associated with a periodical or media company. Panel members are selected to provide diverse, professional and unbiased evaluations of nominated golf holes subject to the criteria established for admission to the Golf Hole Hall of Fame.

"I was good in math, but not to the degree necessary to calculate the variables at play here," said Forrest Richardson, a golf course architect and one of the founders of the program. "In essence, each nominated golf hole is evaluated based on a series of criteria, and each of those are weighed against separate sets of variables such as how recently the reviewer visited the golf hole, how many reviews are completed and ultimately how many agree on the category and acceptance."