Post-Wilma Golf at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens

By: Nancy Berkley

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, except that no one was teeing off on the first tee of the Champion Golf Course at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida last Thursday – 72 hours after Wilma hit. Bikes were the best way to view Wilma’s damage to the courses and this golfer-turned-biker reflects the sense of loss and disappointment as he views the empty course.

But, the courses at PGA National have made an amazing recovery and the Champion Course opened the day after this photo! In fact, 150 golfers played the Champ on Friday. Even better news is that the Estates Course opens Sunday and by the end of this week an additional two more courses are scheduled to be re-opened.

My information is first-hand. The day after Wilma blew through Florida, I made an emergency visit to my home in PGA National to board up the windows and doors blown out by the hurricane. (Unfortunately, the view of the golf course from my patio has improved now that sections of the screen enclosure are also gone.)

I stopped by the golf course offices and found Bob Coman, the Director of Golf, and John Lee, the head superintendent along with my friend and colleague, Jane Broderick, Head Golf Professional. They took a few minutes from their very busy schedules to answer a few questions:

NB: I saw the general damage to the area and was surprised that the resort and hotel were even open. When did they open?

Bob: The Hotel never closed. We have our own generators and in fact, the executives from the Florida Power and Light Company have been staying here. We did lose power at the Spa and Fitness Center, but there was no damage to those facilities and they opened their doors again on Saturday when power was restored. [for updates call the resort at 561-627-2000]

NB: How did you go about assessing damage to the courses and getting them back in shape?

Bob: PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is home to ninety (90) holes of golf. Hurricane Wilma struck the area on Monday, October 24, 2005. On Tuesday, October 25th, the Golf Courses Maintenance Staff was already assessing and photographing damages, and clearing the pathways for workers and equipment to access all areas of the golf courses. On Wednesday, October 26th, all efforts focused on re-opening the Champion Golf Course and Practice Area. All the debris was cleared from the playing areas. The greens, tees and fairways were cut. The bunkers were cleaned and raked. At 11:00am on Thursday, October 27th, the Champion Practice Area re-opened. At 8:00am, on Friday, October 28th, The Champion Golf Course re-opened with carts restricted to cart paths only.

NB: After you clear the trees and debris, what about permanent damage to the turf?

Bob: There was no damage to putting greens, fairways or bunkers. The Hurricane had strong winds, but only recorded 4” of rainfall at PGA National. In only two (2) weeks after the Hurricane hit, all five of PGA National’s Golf Courses will be operating. Members and Resort Guests will only see a few trees missing, and several trees propped-up by stakes to remind them of Hurricane Wilma’s visit to PGA National.

I left their offices and continued biking around the courses. It is amazing how efficiently the crews work. Two tractors and six workers make it look easy to up-right a tree. Of course, after Frances and Jeanne last year, crews have a lot more experience.

Hurricane damage is random. One house can be severely damaged and yet houses on either side are untouched. Similarly on the course, one stand of trees will suffer but others survive.

I am sure it won’t be too long before I return to Palm Beach Gardens to play again. I know my golf will be random also. One good drive, and then… .

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