R&A Shares Rare Footage with World Golf Hall of Fame

The World Golf Hall of Fame has recently received rare historical footage from The R&A. The "Great Triumvirate" DVD, now displayed in a permanent exhibit, features restored moving image of Harry Vardon, James Braid and J.H. Taylor, who combined to win 16 Open Championships between 1894 and 1914.

The footage from 1904 and 1909 includes short biographical pieces on each player, allowing visitors to study the champions' swings in detail. The recordings have been digitally restored from 100-year-old Kinora film drums by London-based VTR Media Services Group. Also restored and forming part of the disk is film of the match between Vardon and Braid at Murrayfield Golf Club, Edinburgh, in 1904.

"The R&A has been especially supportive of the World Golf Hall of Fame and our mission to recognize and celebrate the game's greatest players and contributors," said Jack Peter, Sr. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the World Golf Hall of Fame. "Working with The R&A and British Golf Museum to display the Kinora reels - an amazing piece of memorabilia that brings to life the actions of our members - offers yet another opportunity for our visitors to share in golf's rich history."

"We are very pleased to support the World Golf Hall of Fame and to share this footage of three great champions with them," said Peter Lewis, The R&A's Heritage & Museum Director. "The R&A has a commitment to bring the history of golf to life through its film archive and we are delighted to have this disk reach a new audience at the World Golf Hall of Fame."

The World Golf Hall of Fame created an interactive display for the video, integrating a flat-screen monitor and a sound cone, providing music behind the silent film. Visitors can also select from several additional features which include personal information and rare, individual footage of James Braid, J.H. Taylor and Harry Vardon. For more information, visit www.wgv.com.