Rain Bird Tees off on Getaway Contest

April 2, 2007. Rain Bird, the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services, is giving weekend yard warriors and do-it-yourselfers the chance to spend less time on their championship-caliber lawns and more time on the fairways of championship-caliber courses this summer as part of Rain Birdís Three Course Getaway contest (enter to win at http://www.rainbird.com/getaway).    

Celebrating the extra time that homeowners will have to play golf this summer, Rain Bird's contest will award one winner and three of his/her golf buddies with a golf trip to tee-off at three championship courses: Bandon Dunes (Oregon), Pebble Beach (Northern Calif) and Pelican Hill (Southern Calif.), all kept lush and beautiful using Rain Bird irrigation products. Runner-up prizes include a new set of Callaway Golf Clubs and a new Rain Bird automatic sprinkler system for the lawn.

"Growing a terrific lawn doesn't have to be as challenging as a round of golf at Pebble Beach. In fact, most homeowners can be well on their way to a golf course-like lawn by following a few of the same basic lawn-watering tips that golf course maintenance professionals use to keep their courses looking beautiful," said Dave Johnson, Rain Bird's Director of Corporate Marketing and resident 15-handicap golfer. "A properly designed and efficiently used automatic irrigation system will result in less time spent by homeowners keeping their lawns and gardens healthy and beautiful, meaning there is more time to hit the links on the weekends."

Applying the same Rain Bird water saving technology that is relied upon by superintendents at seven of Golf Digest's top-10 most prestigious golf courses, Rain Bird's residential irrigation products make it easy for homeowners to have a lawn that rivals the world's greatest golf courses. A properly designed, water- saving automatic irrigation system combined with a few basic water-saving tips for the lawn makes a golf course-like lawn just a chip shot away. Here are a few tips on keeping lawns and gardens green all summer long from the golf course irrigation experts at Rain Bird:

Unless you're practicing your golf game at home, there's no reason to cut the grass short. Taller grass has more leaf area for absorbing the sun's energy, is able to compete with weeds better than short grass and develops deeper root systems, which require less water.

Since lawns and gardens should be watered in the early morning hours, a problem may not be discovered until it is too late. Periodically check your sprinklers to make sure everything is working properly. A clogged head or a broken line can wreak havoc on your landscape and water bill.

Let a "smart" sprinkler timer do all the work with water-saving features such as multiple start times, water budgeting, rain delay and automatic shut-off for those rainy days better spent watching golf from the 19th hole.

Irrigation should be supplied to the lawn only when needed - excessive irrigation can lead to diseased turf and increased weed presence. Recommended irrigation for lawns is about one inch to 1-1/2 inches of water per week. Supply water as deeply and infrequently as possible. To reduce loss to evaporation, water in the early morning hours.

If it doesnít grow, then donít water it. Sprinkler systems should be fine-tuned and adjusted each spring to make sure they are not watering the driveways or sidewalks. A properly adjusted sprinkler head should spray large droplets of water instead of a fine mist to minimize evaporation and wind drift.

Instead of inefficient soaker hoses, consider using drip irrigation for individual trees, flowerbeds, potted containers, or other non-grassy areas. Drip irrigation applies the water directly to the roots, reducing water waste through evaporation or runoff, and preventing unwanted weeds from growing.

When it comes to using the right amount of water to keep your lawn and garden looking great, make sure you use the right irrigation components to meet the needs of the different landscape zones in your yard. If you are unsure about which irrigation components to use in your lawn and garden, seek professional advice. Golf superintendents around the world have come to rely on the same irrigation counsel and technology that Rain Bird provides, so whether you do-it-yourself (DIY) or have the system professionally installed, you can get the same great results.

For more lawn and garden watering tips from the golf irrigation experts at Rain Bird, and a chance to win a Three Course Getaway or other great prizes, visit www.rainbird.com/getaway. The contest runs through August 2007.     

Based in Azusa, Calif., Rain Bird Corporation is the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services. Since its beginnings in 1933, Rain Bird has offered the industryís broadest range of irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes in more than 130 countries around the world. Rain Bird has been awarded more than 130 patents, including the first in 1935 for the impact sprinkler. Rain Bird and The Intelligent Use of Water is about using water wisely. Its commitment extends beyond products to education, training and services for the industry and the community. Rain Bird maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing assembly facilities in the United States, France, Sweden and Mexico http://www.rainbird.com.