Rutgers Study Shows Microbiologicals Effective in Restoring Bentgrass Turf

October 25, 2011. Recent studies at Rutgers University by Dr. Bruce Clarke and his team show Bio S.I. Technology's soil inoculants to be effective turf treatments. The tests studied the treatment of dollar spot fungus on bentgrass golf course greens and fairways and the control of brown patch fungus.

Bio S.I. soil inoculants consist of a broad and diverse population of living microbes that produce enzymes vital to plant growth. Bio S.I. soil inoculants are all natural and do not contain any fertilizers or laboratory-engineered microbes produced in a laboratory setting. The Bio S.I. Turf product was one of 80 chemical and biological treatments tested. The tests show that restoring beneficial bacteria in soil leads to improved turf growth and disease resistance.

"The brown patch control study showed Bio-S.I. Turf Formula reduced the disease from 10 to 50% over a three month time," Bio S.I. CEO Wayne Tucker explained. "The results showed no phytotoxicity and the turf quality averaged 4.4 out of 5 which is commercially acceptable. That is a very positive outcome for our Turf Formula product. The effect on Dollar Spot Development on creeping bentgrass green was impressive also. Turf Formula reduced the incidence by 30% to 69% using the regimen for fungicides (3 ounces every 7 days per 1000 square feet). Normal dosage is 3 ounces per 1000 square feet two to three times week."

Bio S.I. produces soil inoculants that contain beneficial, soil-borne bacterial microbes which help rebuild, renew and restore the natural flora of soil. Microorganisms help in the exchange of nutrients and build humus which acts as a reserve for nutrients and water. Healthy soil can contain up to one million species of microbes per gram, making it the most abundant ecosystem on earth.

Bio S.I. Technology has built the reputation of their company on research, testing and testimonials. Gerard O'Donovan, professor and former chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of North Texas, spoke about Bio S.I. products at the Sports Turf Management Association (STMA) annual national meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., in February 2008. O'Donovan stated, "The Bio S.I. product has an excellent record. Large areas of land have been reclaimed with treatments of Bio S.I. I have tested several other microbial products over the years but found none with the consistency and diversity of Bio S.I."

Many factors contribute to unhealthy soil conditions including the overuse of chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Over time soils can become depleted of naturally occurring bacteria which are vital to healthy growth and disease resistance. Bio S.I. recognizes the importance of fertilizers and other chemicals in the growing process and produces formulas that work in conjunction with chemicals rather than in place of them. Bio S.I.'s formulas increase the efficiency of fertilizers and water by allowing water to penetrate the soil more easily to reach nutrient-hungry roots. As a result, its microbial formula allow growers to use less chemicals and water, thereby saving money and resources while lowering the toxicity level of the soil.

Tucker has studied and developed soil inoculants for over 20 years and has helped develop several specialized formulas including Turf Formula, Turf Select, Lawn & Garden Formula, Lawn & Garden Select, Agriculture Formula, Ag "Select," Water Doctor, Septic Formula, Remediation Formula and JACKPOT, a new product that brings the naturally beneficial soil-borne microbes found in nature to animals.

"Bio S.I. is dedicated to helping a wide variety of growers establish more productive and balanced soil conditions," Tucker said. "Bio S.I. conserves the soil while using a 'less is more' concept - less chemicals, less fertilizer and less water to produce more healthy growth."

About Bio S.I. Technology

Bio S.I. Technology, LLC was incorporated in 2006 and includes a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience producing microbial products. Bio-S.I. solutions are organic, made with soil-borne microbes and do not contain any laboratory engineered or manipulated microbes. The company constantly strives to improve their products and uses cutting-edge, scientific testing for improving the consistency of every product they make. For more information or to purchase soil inoculants, visit or email