RV Golf Club Partners with Courses Nationwide to Offer Free RV Parking

December 3, 2013. As any avid golfer surely knows, hitting the greens can be an expensive endeavor, and when you own an RV, it's a wonder that the average golfer even has money left over for parking. Parking? Yes, RV parking at golf courses costs anywhere from $20 to $150 per night, a substantial chunk of change for the 30 percent of RV owners who play across the nation.

Jim Vernes, an RV owner and avid golfer, found inspiration while traveling cross-country with his wife Julie as they ventured away from congested RV parks and discovered the beauty, serenity and convenience of parking at golf courses. Soon after, Jim embarked on a mission to partner with golf clubs across the country and created RV Golf Club, which guarantees free overnight RV parking at hundreds of golf courses as well as free two-night stays at RV resorts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Since its launch earlier this year, both golfers and non-golfers alike are enjoying the RV Golf Club membership benefits inside those restrictive gates.

"This is a whole new beautiful world, never before embraced by RVers. It takes the Golden Years to a higher level - you get to enjoy the comfort and convenience of your RV, while being treated like a member of these great golf courses and RV resorts - enjoy golfing or just the scenery, dining, shopping and spa treatments," said Vernes.

Cost of the membership is $99 annually and includes free RV parking, plus "members" discounts on green fees, food and beverages, golf shop merchandise and other services provided by most of the golf courses, restaurant owners and operators. RV Golf Club also has a lifetime membership available.

For more information, visit www.RVgolfclub.com.