SkyGolf Unveils New Wi-Fi-Enabled SkyCaddie

November 18, 2011. SkyGolf®, maker of SkyCaddie®, has unveiled the next-generation SkyCaddie - the new Wi-Fi-enabled SkyCaddie® SGXw™. With its new wireless capabilities, the new SkyCaddie SGXw provides the convenience of "on the go" access to the most accurate and up-to-date course maps in the game while eliminating the known issues with courses preloaded in other rangefinders.

Preloaded courses are "out of date" before the device is sold and can be risky and unreliable. The SkyCaddie SGXw connects wirelessly to SkyGolf's vast library of precision courses via Wi-Fi at home, the office, the golf course or hotspot for fast, easy course downloads of the same complete and reliable course information Tour Professionals receive from their caddies and their yardage books. For wireless access "on the go," the SGXw can even utilize many smartphones to gain Internet access as a "personal hotspot."

The launch of the Wi-Fi-enabled SGXw is a strong complement to the SkyCaddie franchise, which is being heralded throughout the industry and among the game's most serious players. In fact, the SkyCaddie® SGX™ received the only Gold rating among all GPS rangefinders tested by Golf Digest magazine for the 2011 "Hot List." This prestigious distinction followed a survey conducted by Golf Datatech, the industry's leading independent research firm, who polled serious golfers about their opinions of lasers, dedicated GPS devices and smartphone apps. The study revealed that SkyCaddie was trusted by more serious golfers than all other rangefinders combined. SkyCaddie rated more accurate than lasers by a margin of 3-to-2 and more accurate than other GPS devices by ratios ranging from 8-to-1 and 23-to-1. The Golf Datatech survey also revealed that 94% of serious golfers believe "exact yardage" is important to their game.

"The combination of golfers' need for accurate distances and SkyCaddie being named as the most accurate rangefinder explains why more golfers use and trust SkyCaddie for their critical distances than all other distance measuring devices combined," said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf. "That is why we are excited about the new SGXw providing easy and wireless download of the most up-to-date course maps in the game with the convenience of wireless connectivity. Whether their handicap is 2 or 22, we believe all golfers deserve the same trusted, reliable course maps that no tour pro would play without. The introduction of SGXw establishes the most advanced distance measuring device in golf, and represents the next phase in our mission to help golfers play smarter, play better, play faster and have more fun."

Suggested retail price of the new SkyCaddie SGXw, which is offered with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, is $399.95. Golfers can also enjoy a lower price to ownership when they trade-in a used SkyCaddie, a laser rangefinder or golf clubs. For more information on the SGXw, SkyCaddie membership plans and trade-in programs, visit