Sportcrete to Introduce Bunker Technology to South America

March 30, 2010 - Sportcrete, the industry leading engineered bunker-lining and drainage system, will be making its' first foray into South America with a full course bunker renovation at Fazenda da Grama Country & Golf Club in Capinas, Brazil. With work starting in May 2010, the renovation will feature a phased installation, the first of which will consist of more than 75,000 square feet worth of bunkers being completed. A second installation period will consist of an additional 50,000 square feet.

With a solid presence already established in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America, the challenge of bringing the Sportcrete method to a new continent is a welcome one. "This is our first work in South America," noted Sportcrete's managing director, Ian Tittershill. "Fazenda da Grama is an outstanding course located in a stunning location. The Sportcrete system will bring huge benefits to the course and we look forward to working with the professional staff at Fazenda to build the best bunkers in Brazil."

Fazenda da Grama, established in 2006 just outside of São Paulo, has been consistently ranked as a top ten course in Brazil since its inception, most recently by Golf Digest's World's Greatest Golf 2009-2010. With the addition of golf as an Olympic sport in the 2016 Games, taking place in nearby Rio de Janeiro, many golf industry professionals are expecting a major growth of the game in South America and throughout the world, something that Sportcrete welcomes with open arms. Mr. Tittershill went on to mention that, "We are excited to establish a Sportcrete presence in a location so close to where the first Olympic golf will be contested since 1904, and to explore additional opportunities in Brazil and throughout South America."

Sylvio Telles, head superintendent at Fazenda da Grama Country & Golf Club, explained the need for a bunker lining system with the comprehensive performance that only Sportcrete can deliver. "The course is only four years old, however we have struggled in our rainforest climate here in Brazil with contamination and washouts, particularly in the rainy season. The superb drainage characteristics will drastically reduce our costs in terms of maintenance, labor and materials."

About Sportcrete

The Sportcrete system has been refined over more than 15 years of research, development and installation on a myriad of projects throughout the world. First developed in Australia, Sportcrete is designed to provide the finest, ecologically sound, highly engineered sports field underlayment system available to sports field designers and owners in the world. The system uses advanced chemical engineering in combination with specified aggregates to provide hard, stable and porous bunker liners for golf courses.

The Sportcrete team of partners is highly experienced, having completed hundreds of projects throughout the world, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. Our partners, project managers and installers have worked closely with architects, engineers, general contractors and owners to provide the finest engineered underlayment system available today.

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