Spring Golf Season on Hold in Massachusetts

The golf season has taken a back seat to Mother Nature in Massachusetts. Most of the private and public courses in the state are stuck in a holding pattern as players anxiously await a chance to try out new equipment. Courses on Cape Cod and in southeastern Massachusetts have been open for play the past couple of weeks, but courses in the central and northern portions of the state are at least three weeks to a month behind schedule.

Soaking rains followed an unusually heavy snow season, and flooding became a major concern for golf course owners. Three counties in Massachusetts became eligible for federal flood disaster aid as a result of overflowing rivers and extensive flooding. Central and western Massachusetts courses are still waiting for the snow to melt; opening days have been pushed back to the end of the month at most facilities.

As a result of the never-ending winter, college golf programs have been forced to cancel much of their schedules and will play an abbreviated spring season. The high school golf season in Massachusetts is conducted in the fall, thus alleviating scheduling nightmares for local athletic directors searching in vain for dry baseball diamonds.

The late start to the 2001 golf season has only intensified the desire of the locals who’ve been hitting balls indoors or on snow-packed golf ranges. Golf course owners continue to keep a careful eye on the Weather Channel. They need stretches of warm dry weather and not another 12 inches of snow. Thoughts of more snow must be dispelled as the unforgettable winter of 2000-‘01 has officially been over for nearly a month. Now is to time to play golf in Massachusetts and elsewhere around the Northeast.