Sprint Hits a Hole-in-One with Exclusive TigerWoods.com Mobile Content Deal

January 27, 2005. Sprint announced today an agreement to offer exclusive TigerWoods.com mobile content to its Sprint PCS Vision customers. The two-year deal makes Sprint the sole provider of TigerWoods.com content for mobile phones in the United States. Beginning in February, the TigerWoods.com mobile content from Sprint PCS Vision will include:

Multiple voice ringers so fans can listen to Tiger Woods announce their incoming calls with sayings such as, "Hey, this is Tiger Woods. I hope you have a sponsor because this one is going to cost you."

Multiple screen savers so customers can personalize their phones with a series of play action shots such as Tiger driving the fairway or saluting the gallery.

Club Tiger Mobile, a Java application that allows customers to access live stats and scores, breaking news, a tournament schedule, a media gallery of photos from recent events, Tiger Woods trivia and Tiger Woods golf tips from Golf Digest. Text Alerts - fans can receive text alerts announcing the launch of new Tiger mobile content as well as play Tiger text trivia and more all by sending the word "Golf" to 84437 on their Sprint PCS Phones.

EA Sports Tiger Woods 2005, a popular mobile golf game already available to Sprint PCS Vision customers.

Additional content will continue to be developed throughout the two-year exclusive agreement, so fans will have fresh new ways to show their enthusiasm for Tiger Woods using the latest mobile technologies.

The TigerWoods.com mobile content ranges in price from $2 to $6.49. Standard text rates apply for text alerts and text campaigns.

"TigerWoods.com mobile content from Sprint is a great way for golf fans to stay connected to the game and show their loyalty to their favorite player with their wireless phones," said Jeff Hallock, vice president - Product Marketing and Strategy, Sprint. "Sprint PCS Vision gives everyone an opportunity to customize their phones with everything from games, photos and screen savers to this new content from TigerWoods.com. This is yet another illustration of how Sprint leads the industry in wireless data applications and content."

Sprint recently announced 5.6 million Sprint PCS Vision customers through the end of the third quarter 2004, leading the industry in the use of advanced data services. Sprint PCS Vision includes services that allow customers to take and receive pictures; browse the Internet at speeds faster than most dial-up connections; check personal and corporate email; watch clips and stream audio for news and music; and download Music Tones, polyphonic, animated and voice ringers, and full-color, graphically rich games and screen savers, all on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. Customers who select the Sprint PCS Vision Premium Pack for $15 per month receive unlimited Web access, 100 SMS (text messages) and up to a $10 credit each month toward the download of premium services, including games, ringers, screen savers and other services.

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