Steve Williams Drives Stock Car - Not Mercedes

Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' caddie, is happy his loop isn't attending the PGA Tour's season-opening Mercedes Championships in Maui this week. A race car driver when not toting the golf bag for the world's No. 1-ranked player, won the New Zealand Super Saloon Championship this week.

"As I told Tiger, now I know how he feels when he wins the Masters," Williams said from his home in Auckland.

Williams, who races stock cars on dirt tracks, including those near his second home in Bend, Ore., had not been able to compete in the Super Saloon because it's the same week as the Mercedes Championships.

He said the top three finishers in the car race gather in the infield to spray champagne and do interviews. But Williams saw the photographers and had other ideas.

"I wanted to spray the champagne at the camera guys," the well-known camera-hating caddie said. "But I slipped on the track and threw my back out."