Styx Capital Introduces “Sticks” Leasing to the Golf Industry

October 27, 2004–Styx Capital, LLC is introducing residual lease financing to the golf business through its premium golf club rental program. The program allows golf course owners and head professionals to provide as rental sets an unbeatable variety of the latest in golf club technology - taking much of the headache out of managing rental inventory, enhancing revenue and providing a competitive advantage.

By having more rental club choices for their customers, golf courses can attract more travelers who prefer to leave their clubs at home, generate more guest play and provide regulars with an option to play some of the latest technology available. Styx’ premium rental rotation program gives courses the ability to acquire a wide range of current technology, premium configuration golf club sets using short term lease financing. With the primary lease term 12 months, the Styx Capital program provides member courses an annual upgrade cycle to change out their rental sets. The program also will replace missing or damaged clubs within days – making it much simpler to manage rental inventory.

“Many in our senior management team played key roles in founding Dell Financial Services, which provides financing for Dell computer products. As frequent travelers and avid golfers, we recognized a need in the golf business for a better rental solution," said Jim Williams, CEO of Styx Capital. "We’ve adapted traditional equipment lease financing to create a turnkey program for pro shops and golf courses nationwide. Whether a private club, daily-fee or resort course, our leasing program ensures that members and guests always have access to the latest and best.”

The rental rotation program from Styx eliminates the “hit” golf courses take when purchasing golf clubs for rental use while providing courses a better solution for making more equipment choices available to their customers. The program is flexible enough to adapt at any time. The company will replace all outdated rental inventory or enhance the course’s equipment with a selection of new sets for a low monthly price. Or, to get started, courses can receive cash infusions by selling existing inventories to Styx Capital and leasing them back.

About Styx Capital

Founded in 2003, Austin, Texas-based Styx Capital specializes in providing innovative financing solutions for golf clubs in the consumer marketplace. In the commercial space, Styx offers innovative and cost effective rental club inventory leasing options to private country clubs, resort management companies, daily-fee and municipal golf courses. Styx Capital’s premium rental rotation program enables golf facilities nationwide to offer the latest technology and largest brand variety in golf clubs for use as rental sets, while easing management burdens of rental inventory and bolstering revenue opportunities. For more information, visit