SwingProfile Now Available via App Store for iPhone & iPad

October 29, 2012. Known for his work in the fields of artificial intelligence, neuro-computing and image processing, Dr. Zeke Chan might be the last person you might expect to meet up with on the golf course.


Recognized throughout the Southern Hemisphere as a leader in his fields of expertise, Dr. Chan is also an avid golfer and for the past three years has been challenging his knowledge to improve not only his own golf swing, but the swings of golfers worldwide.

Now available for the first time is Dr. Chan's "SwingProfile" application for Apple iPhone and iPad users. A sampling of the product at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this past January earned SwingProfile "Best Overall Product" and "Best Market Research" awards.

The program works by instantly analyzing the player's golf-swing sequence, frame by frame, and then automatically displaying it much like the pull-out pages from Golf Magazine and Golf Digest.

SwingProfile Single Sequence

Available for purchase via the Apple App Store on iTunes for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 models as well as for iPad, SwingProfile allows you to record your entire practice in one take, without the need to search, trim or edit your video upon playback. The built-in recognition software allows only your swings to be recorded, reducing the size of your video by more than 90 percent.

Not only does SwingProfile quickly display one's golf swing, but it allows instant synchronization of two different swings, matching the tempo and key positions exactly. It allows easy comparison with friends or even professional golfers by matching the tempo of each swing.

SwingProfile Dashboard

Making the application even more unique is the ability to capture video of your favorite tour players during live action on the course or on television. The application then instantly matches up the PGA star's swing against the viewer's.

Using the same type of technology found in teaching settings, SwingProfile is able to instantly and automatically measure shaft angles and draw the shaft lines in order to help maintain the proper swing plane.

"I've always been enamored by those fold-out pages in the popular golf magazines which demonstrate the long, graceful swing sequences of professional players," said Dr. Chan. "Studying swing sequence is a great way to improve your game and forced me to make my own swing sequence software where no editing was required."

A trial version of SwingProfile is available for free download and offers the ability to record and save 10 swings before being required to purchase the app for $29.99. The one-time fee includes unlimited program updates.

"There was nothing like SwingProfile in the market so I had to invent it," said Dr. Chan. "In order to make this technology accessible to the average consumer, it had to be designed to work on mobile phones as a convenient way for golfers to analyze their swings anytime."

Visit iTunes to order a trial version or, for more information, visit www.swingprofile.com.