Talk About a Golf Hazard

This story is not about alligators on fairways, or bee swarms attacking golfers, or even irate golfers chasing each other with menacing 3-irons. In one of the more unusual instances of golf course “hazards,” workers have encountered some explosive situations while rebuilding a St. Louis (Mo.) golf course.

The workers have been renovating one of the layouts at Forest Park in St. Louis during the past six months. During the course of their work, they’ve unearthed three unexploded World War I mortar shells.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which usually handles matters related to wetlands and riparian areas along rivers, say the mortars resemble a small-car muffler. Workers have been cautioned to notify police if a suspicious object is found.

The Corps said that as early as 1917, the Army conducted military exercises and demonstrations in Forest Park. The shows included mock battles, which may explain why the mortars are on the golf course. It looks like the Army was serious when it executed “flop” shots in the early 1900s.

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