‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ by Mark Frost

By: Dr. John Wagner

I put this book in the top-10 of all the books I have ever read for its interest and the clarity of the main characters. (Unfortunately, at my age I cannot remember my other nine favorite books.)

The author gets me from the start and tells a wonderful true story. I learned much about the history of golf and many of the wonderful nuances of the game and the players. He brought many different people alive, and you learned of their feelings for the game.

This was much more fun to read than the typical "from 150 yards I hit a 7-iron and it rolled to the left of the pin." So many golf stories read that way and are very boring.

Try reading the autobiography of Walter Hagen if you want to read a shallow and boring story. Frost’s book, however, is pure fun and enjoyment. I’ve purchased over 10 copies of the book and passed them to good friends and my sons.

All people I know who read it have been thoroughly in love with the book. The information on the caddie was so much fun to learn and added much to the book. Do yourself a favor and get ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played.’ In fact, buy two and give one to a friend.

‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’ by Mark Frost, Hyperion Books, 2002, $29.95, ISBN 0-7868-6920-8

Dr. John Wagner has been a Seattle dentist for 37 years. He’s been published in several dental journals as well as had several articles appear in the turf magazine for Pacific Northwest golf course superintendents. John has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Washington Business School for several years and as a guest lecturer for several dental societies. Dr. Wagner is the co-designer (with Steve Shea of the Berger Partnership) of a golf course in Japan that cost over $120 million and was built by Wadsworth Golf Construction. He’s a Past President of the Washington State Golf Association and the current President of the Pacific Coast Golf Association. John is currently a Member of the USGA Green Section and a Director of the WSGA.