'The King' Out of Hospital

On Monday Arnold Palmer was released from a hospital after spending the night there after experiencing problems with his blood pressure. The 82-year-old Hall of Fame member was forced to leave his course, Bay Hill in Orlando, before being able to present the award to Tiger Woods, who won the Arnold Palmer Invitational Sunday for a record seventh time.

Palmer was released from Dr. Phillips Hospital and he returned to his home at Bay Hill.

"They did a few tests this morning, and he got home around noon," Doc Giffin, Palmer's longtime assistant, told reporter Jeff Shain of the Orlando Sentinel. "Other than being tired, he seems to be fine. The doctors told him to slow down - as much as possible."

Club spokesman Bev Norwood said after Palmer was released he returned to his office and had Monday night dinner plans at the club.

A test about 15 minutes before the tournament ended showed an increase in Palmer's blood pressure and, as a precaution, he went to the hospital where he spent Sunday night. Palmer had recently changed his blood-pressure medication and a final check before he was to head out to the awards ceremony revealed a sudden rise.

"It wasn't anything to do with any ailments or any discomfort he felt," said Alastair Johnston, head of Arnold Palmer Enterprises, told Shain. "The blood pressure was at a level where the doctor involved suggested that he go immediately to get more intensive evaluation at the hospital."

Late Sunday evening, grandson Sam Saunders tweeted that Palmer "is doing fine and will be good to go [Monday]. Thank you for all of your nice comments and concern."