Tiger's 'Slam Set' of Irons Sold

The Titleist irons that Tiger Woods supposedly used to win four straight major titles over 2000-01 finally sold in an online auction for $57,242.40.

The clubs received 33 bids since they were first posted on www.greenjacketauctions.com August 23.

The clubs were put up for sale by Steve Mata, a former Titleist tour representative who worked with Woods when he played that model of irons. Mata said the Woods gave him the clubs after the streak ended at the U.S. Open in Tulsa, Okla.

Mata, who's now unemployed, originally put the clubs up for bid in May on eBay for a starting price of $250,000. eBay removed the listing after Woods disputed Mata's claims that those indeed were his irons. Mata put the irons up for bid to help provide some financial help for his family.

After Woods learned of Mata's first post on eBay, he told reporters at the Players Championship that the irons were not the ones he used to win the so-called Tiger Slam. In fact, Woods said he still owned them.

When Mata reposted the irons last month, the lot description indicated that Mata had passed a lie detector test and signed a sworn affidavit.

Mata told North County (Calif.) Times reporter Marc Figueroa that a Houston businessman bought the clubs and, in a separate auction, a Ryder Cup player's trophy from 2002 when the Europeans beat the U.S. team at The Belfry in England.

"I'm excited to finally get (the clubs) off my hands," Mata told Figueroa. "I thought they would go for more. The buyer made out on this."

Mata still insists the irons were truly those used by Woods during his historic four straight major titles. "I don't think anybody I know is questioning my honesty, but I'm sure there are some doubters out there," he told Figueroa.

"I'm a bit bummed that (Woods) came out and said that because he knows what they are. I don't know why he said what he said. In the past year with all the things going on with him, whose word can you trust more, his or mine?

"It's time to put this behind me and move on," Mata added. "I need to find a job."