Tim Herron Launches Lil' Lumpy Leadership Initiative

December 18, 2008. PGA Tour player and Wayzata, Minn., native Tim Herron and his wife Ann have announced the creation of a unique, multidimensional educational initiative aimed at teaching kids leadership skills through the game of golf. The "Lil' Lumpy Leadership Initiative" includes the writing and production of an animated, educational DVD series, featuring Herron as himself.

The "Lil' Lumpy Leadership Initiative" was formally launched at Kimberly Lane Elementary School in Tim's former school district of Wayzata. Tim and Ann honored the school's teachers and staff for their commitment to teaching leadership skills, and the couple recognized students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades for writing essays on leadership. Kimberly Lane Elementary is the first school in Minnesota to be placed atop the "Lil' Lumpy Leaderboard."

Tim Herron, whose nickname is "Lumpy," says the "Lil' Lumpy Leadership Initiative" bridges his two greatest passions: family and golf. "I want what's best for my kids and I want them to learn the leadership skills that the game of golf taught me," said Herron, who was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. "I'm a perfect example of how the game can change a kid's life."

To nominate a school for a spot on the "Lil' Lumpy Leaderboard," contact John Amann at john@lillumpy.com. Tell John why you think your school should be recognized and its teaching students leadership skills.

About the Lil' Lumpy DVD Series

Tim and Ann Herron have partnered with Maggie's Imagination Farm to create an animated, educational DVD series focused on teaching kids the techniques they'll need to become effective leaders as adults. Flurry Animation Studios in Eden Prairie, Minn., is creating the 3D animation. In each episode, Lil' Lumpy will overcome incredible hazards presented by the most outlandishly-designed golf courses in places like Antarctica, Neptune and the deepest jungles of South America. The Lil' Lumpy series will teach 18 different leadership traits, including: "Building Trust," "Never fear doing the right thing," and "Share Success."

"We're not preaching about how to parent," Ann Herron said. "But we do believe the Lil' Lumpy DVD series will help teach kids leadership skills in a fun and entertaining way."

The Herrons and Maggie's Imagination Farm are searching for a title sponsor and other project partners to help broaden their initiative. "This is just the beginning," Tim Herron said. "If we can attract additional partners, we'll be able to reach and recognize young leaders across the country. Our goal is to have the Lil' Lumpy series make a big impact on America's youth."

For more information about the "Lil' Lumpy Leadership Initiative," visit www.lillumpy.com. The site contains the Lil' Lumpy DVD series' trailer.