Timberlake's Course Flooded

Justin Timberlake's Mirimichi Golf Club in Millington, Tenn., has been deluged with water because of the flooding that's been sweeping across the Southeastern part of the U.S., especially Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi.

The golf-loving pop star bought the former Big Creek Golf Course in 2007 and has since spent millions of dollars more in renovations and the addition of another nine holes, a clubhouse and the Callaway Performance and Learning Center.

It's the second time that the course has flooded. In a televised report on WMC-TV of Memphis (http://www.wmctv.com/story/14583022/justin-timberlakes-millington-golf-course-flooded-again?redirected=true), general manager Rich Peterson said, "It has a little bit more water on it than we'd like."

Recent storms have seen the water rise to 100-year-flood levels. "Nobody knows since it hasn't happened since 1937," said Peterson. "It lends an aura of uncomfortableness [sic] to the situation."

Peterson said he believes the course can survive for an extended period underwater. "The course itself can take as much water as anyone can throw at it because eventually it'll go away," he said.

But in response to concerns over potential water damage to structures, course officials brought in an Aqua Dam, a giant inflatable tube that holds water to stem flooding. The Aqua Dam at Mirimichi contains 480,000 gallons of water, and so far anyway, has helped keep the encroaching water out of the buildings

"It worked like a charm so with this second series of cresting that's going to happen, we're not worried about it," Peterson told WMC-TV.

He added that Timberlake has seen pictures of the flooding and hopes the damages aren't too far-reaching. Peterson said he believes the course will be reopened within six weeks.