Tool Rids Courses of Troublesome Geese

Chicago, Illinois (October 16, 2002). GooseBuster is the first and only unit to use actual alert and alarm calls of Canada geese recorded in the wild. The calls cause the geese to evacuate the premises. Geese recognize the calls and respond instinctively. 'Alert' signifies nervousness or concern about potential danger; 'Alarm' signifies immediate danger requiring instant evacuation, without bothering to identify the source.

Calls differ in frequency, duration and intervals. Sound combinations, sequences and speaker selection change randomly, causing geese to perceive multiple birds in motion in several locations. Users can program intervals between calls using the Bird-X system.

Dr. Philip Whitford, an Associate Professor of Biology, has been researching Canada goose behavior and vocal communication, and publishing and presenting his findings since 1979. He holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences in the realm of animal behavior, and M.S. and B.S. degrees in Wildlife Management. GooseBuster is proven effective in university-conducted field studies. The published results, "Efficacy of Recorded Alarm and Alert Calls for Goose Dispersal," are available upon request.

GooseBuster helps prevent unsightly mess and contamination from droppings and damages done to golf courses or ponds, parks, corporate landscapes or residential complexes. It repels Canada geese, mallards, and all ducks and geese.

The product covers up to 21 acres with two units or up to 7 acres with one unit. GooseBuster includes a control unit, four directional speakers with 100' cords, and a 24-hour timer. AC and DC models are available; prices start at $850.00 (distributors are welcome).

GooseBuster is one of many Bird-X products that repel Canada Geese without harming them. GatorGuard, GooseChase and other Bird-X products work synergistically with GooseBuster for maximum effectiveness. The company also has products to repel pigeons, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, swallows, crows, and all other birds and pest critters.

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