Top Selling Women’s Golf Clubs Offer Forgiveness, Playability

by Mark Marney

According to the National Golf Foundation, women represent the fastest growing demographic in the game of golf. Translation? Women’s gifts are no longer limited to flowers, candies and day spa gift certificates. Every year, more and more women are taking up the game and, according to NGF data, are sticking with it. In support of their new hobby, women are gobbling up high-tech golf equipment at an unprecedented pace. From hybrid sets to putters, equipment manufacturers have responded with a bevy of hot items. Here’s a look at the line-up.

– Nike’s “Clubs for Prevention and Recovery” have emerged as popular items with women looking for solid, all-around performance off the tee and from the fairway. Available in 22- and 26-degree loft hybrid woods and 5-iron through PW hybrid irons, the CPR Hybrid Set offers three unique head designs to position weight in specific areas that promote straighter golf shots, keep women out of trouble and make tough shots easy to play. Offered with Nike’s CPR graphite shaft and in right-handed models only.

Callaway Women’s Big Bertha Fusion Irons – From the company that put oversized, perimeter-weighted irons on the golf map come its most forgiving, playable clubs yet. Big Bertha Fusion Irons are made with a Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) SenSert that reduces vibration and tune feel, creating an incredible ball-striking experience. The innovative line is offered in 4-iron through SW, as well as specially-designed “approach” and “lob” wedges (sold separately). All shafts are graphite, RCH 45i and club sets are available in both right- and left-handed models.

Cobra 3400 I/XH Women’s Irons – Cobra's most technologically advanced product for women, the 3400 I/XH irons feature a transition design that morphs from a hollow back (3-7 irons) to a cavity back design (8-LW irons). The graduated weighting provides optimal distribution and produces an extra-high launch angle and massive sweet spot. The white-hot Cobra 3400 I/XH Women’s Irons are available in 4-iron through SW, with optional lob and gap wedges. Graphite Design International’s popular YS-5.1 graphite shafts come standard.

TaylorMade Monza Corza Putter – TaylorMade’s latest Monza offering is buoyed by an Anti-skid Groove System Insert is engineered to reduce backspin and promote forward spin earlier in the shot for enhanced distance-control and accuracy. TaylorMade's Movable Weight Technology – made famous by its best-selling R-7 driver – allows women to change weight and feel by adjusting weight cartridges in the two ports located in the rear of the putterhead. The Monza Corza Putter is designed to suit personal putting tastes, as well as playing conditions. Available in three models (Corza, Corza 1 and Center Shaft), and three lengths (33”, 34” and 35”).

Callaway GES Complete Set – Including three irons, three woods, putter and bag, Callaway’s GES Complete Set has become a popular way for women to break into the game without having to spend exorbitant amounts of time shopping around for individual clubs and components. The set consists of an 18-degree driver, 25-degree long fairway wood and 30-degree mid-fairway wood with offset hosels, as well as short, long and mid-irons in 55-, 35-, and 45-degree models, respectively. All seven clubs (including putter) fit conveniently in the Callaway, four-divider golf bag.

Tour Edge Bazooka J-Max Iron-Woods – Mechanical, “Iron Byron” tests have proven the Tour Edge Bazooka Iron-Woods hit the ball higher and more accurately than traditional long irons – a result that appeals to women looking to trade hard-to-hit long irons for a more forgiving clubhead with a lower center of gravity. The 120-gram sole also delivers a quicker launch and more controlled ball flight. The Iron-Woods are available in 16-, 18-, 21-, 24-, and 27-degree lofts with Tour Edge J-Max graphite shafts.

Adams Women’s IDEA Hybrid Iron/Wood with Free Golf Bag – Adams IDEA Women's clubs are designed with lower swing weights than men's models, and shaft lengths and flexes are specifically engineered to optimize the ability of women golfers. The oversized, 400cc driver offers plenty of forgiveness, and the I-woods are longer and easier to hit than traditional long irons. Mid-irons feature Adams’ hollow-back design, while short irons are cavity-back designs offering optimal feel, control and accuracy. The set is currently offered with a free Adams cart bag. The stylish, sporty bag features nine versatile pockets and a seven-way top with four full-length dividers.

Mark Marney is CEO of The Golf Warehouse, the world’s largest online golf e-tailer at . His bi-monthly reports highlight emerging trends and what’s hot in golf products.