Tseng on a Roll at Women's British Open

Yani Tseng carded her second straight 4-under 69 to take a four-stroke lead after two rounds of the Women's British Open at Royal Birkdale, which playing as a par 73. The 21-year-old from Taiwan stands at 8-under 138.

Her next closest pursuers are two Americans, Cristie Kerr (68) and Brittany Lincicome (72), and South Korean Amy Yang (72), at 4-under 142. Kerr opened with a 74, but rallied on Friday to get back into the hunt.

"I played another solid round for me," said Tseng, who's seeking her second major title. "I make lots of putts today. And it was really lucky. It is raining right now, and this morning there was like no wind, very calm. And the course is totally different than what we played yesterday. So it was just really nice." (See below for Tseng's full post-round interview.)

Kerr was pleased with how she responded in the second round. "I played obviously really well today," commented the 2010 LPGA Championship winner. "I was determined to be more relaxed out there. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself just getting the No. 1 ranking, and you know, hadn't really realized what was going on until, you know, a couple rounds ago. So just getting out there, and I did my thing today. And you know, the results took care of themselves.

"I got off to a hot start birdieing the first two holes, and then bogeyed 8 and birdied four of the holes on the back. Played really, really well. Great par save at 12, and was able to birdie one of the last two par-5s . . . could have made eagle on the last hole, but I left -- when you're shooting 5-under and you're leaving some out there, you're playing really well."

Tied for fifth at 3-under 143 are 50-year-old Juli Inkster (71), Norway's Suzann Pettersen (69) and Sun Young Yoo (73).

Other notable scores were a 77 by Michelle Wie, and a 75 by Paula Creamer, who reinjured her left wrist after hitting out of the gorse.

After signing her scorecard, Tseng sat down with reporters and discussed her position in the championship.

MODERATOR: We have Yani Tseng who shot her second consecutive 68 for two rounds 4-under par, currently leading by four shots. Well done, Yani. Your thoughts on the round.

YANI TSENG: Thank you. I played another solid round for me. I make lots of putts today. And it was really lucky. It is raining right now, and this morning there was like no wind, very calm. And the course is totally different than what we played yesterday. So it was just really nice.

MODERATOR: You obviously came in here in great form to continue it. Are you feeling very confident going into the weekend?

YANI TSENG: Yeah. I feel really confident, and actually I never had a lead in a major, so this week I have to stay on top all week and stay very patient this week. And I feel super. I feel confident. Just keep loving the Links course.

MODERATOR: You hit 18 greens in regulation yesterday. How many did you manage to hit today?

YANI TSENG: I don't know. Today was not many.

MODERATOR: Not many. Okay. Questions, please, ladies and gentlemen.

Q. Can you just say what you were thinking on the 15th hole when you hit those two balls, tell us all your thoughts at the time?

YANI TSENG: I know. I feel like I want to kill myself after hitting that shot because me and my caddy were thinking hitting rescue or 3-wood on first time. And I said I'm not comfortable with my rescue, and I hit a 3-wood. And I did the same shot as yesterday. Actually the ball stayed in the same position as yesterday. So on 15 it was like comfortable for me, and it was really -- I felt really nervous before that tee shot because I was thinking a lot on my mind. This was a good shot. Both just missed it. So it was really great for me for both days. So I'm very appreciative.

Q. Did you think you lost both balls?

YANI TSENG: Yeah. Second one I hit a provisional ball. It was like even 30 yards right of my ball.

Q. I was just going to ask you if you could tell us what Annika Sorenstam told you about your mental game. Can you tell us some specific lessons she told you at the start of the year?

YANI TSENG: Yeah. I talked to her before I -- right before this season start, and she said she would teach me a lot, and like first question I asked her how can I be No. 1 in the world. And she's telling me what should I do right now, step by step. I always looking at the result. And practice is more important for me. And she know I'm really aggressive player, so she really want me to play really smart, not just see the pin and always go there. So she told me I need to trust myself. If I stay patient, I will be on top one day.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your early background in golf, what age, when you first discovered the game and how you got interested?

YANI TSENG: Oh, I started golf when I was five and my parents both played golf, and actually my dad was a club champion in a golf club of like 5,000 members. My dad used to be scratch, but not anymore. And then I start playing golf when I was in Taiwan. And then after I finish high school, I turned pro. I went to Q-School and here.

Q. And I think there's five Taiwanese in the top hundred. Why do you think -- it's not quite Korea, but it's really good. Why do you think it's so popular?

YANI TSENG: Yeah. I think -- I think in Korea, when I was junior I went to Korea to play in a junior amateur tournament. It was like thousands of players playing over there. In Taiwan we don't have that many people playing golf. But I really wish one day it will be more popular and then I will help all the juniors to start playing golf.

Q. If there are 5,000 members at your golf club, it must be a very popular game already.

YANI TSENG: It's not. It's like not many kids to play. It's older people and that kind of stuff.

MODERATOR: Could we go through your birdies and bogeys, please, Yani? You birdied the second hole.

YANI TSENG: 8-iron, and I hit it to 15 feet. And No. 6, hit a 3-wood, second shot, 20 yards for eagle, and I missed it by two feet.


YANI TSENG: Yeah. 6-iron, hit to eight feet and birdied.


YANI TSENG: Pitching wedge, hit to 10 yards, like 30 feet.


YANI TSENG: 17, I hit a 4-iron for my second shot. Had 12 yards and I missed it two feet.

MODERATOR: And your only dropped shot was at the start.

YANI TSENG: Yeah. I hit to the bunker on the left. I hit a great shot, just had a bad bounce, and then I chip it out. I hit a 62. That was a terrible shot. I two-putted.

MODERATOR: And the par from 15. Were there any other saves today?

YANI TSENG: Actually on 15, that shot, I feel like I still can make birdie from there. So it was really close. But not really. It probably turn out totally different for me.

Q. What puts girls off from playing golf in Taiwan?

YANI TSENG: I don't know. I wish they would look at me or there would be someone else on top to make them play golf, because when I was young, I watch Annika playing. So I tell myself one day I want to play with Annika. I want to play with her on Tour. So that's how I get in here. But I really don't know. I really wish I would be like Se Ri Pak. Like one day they will be like watching me and they get into golf.

Q. And at the moment do they see it more as a game for boys or are they not welcoming to juniors in the club?

YANI TSENG: No. I think now it's probably more girls playing golf right now. The men's are really challenged, and they saw we have five girls on the LPGA, and they kind of feel like all the girls have more chance than the men.

Q. Do you think if you won this tournament and went to No. 1 in the world, it would be more popular?

YANI TSENG: I think so.

Q. You've bought a nice car in the past as a prize for winning tournaments and stuff. If you become No. 1 in the world, do you have any idea how you would celebrate?

YANI TSENG: I still don't think that much, but I still look forward to see all my trophy cases is the most important thing for me. That trophy case looks so empty for me. So I really don't like that feeling. So I would think after I win, let's see what can I buy myself.

MODERATOR: Any more questions? Yani, thank you very much. Good luck on the weekend.

YANI TSENG: Thank you. Thanks.

The transcript for the above interview is courtesy of ASAP Sports.