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June 20, 2003. VIP Aerial Coverage is a service that provides network television golf commentators to host and narrate helicopter footage of all 18 holes of a golf course. The company produces promotional material that showcases not only the design and the beauty of the holes, but also the real estate surrounding the course.

The club selects the host personality who appears on-camera at various locations around the course and then narrates the fly-over video of each hole. Historical footage, music and graphics are then added to what becomes a 10-minute video that is an aerial tour of the course and it’s surrounding real estate. These productions are made available on professionally packaged CD-ROM’s and DVD’s for the club to send to prospective members, lot owners, daily fee players, meeting planners, and media outlets. When bundled with the club’s brochure, this is tremendously effective marketing collateral.

These presentations are completely airable on a local or national golf magazine telecast, and can air as programming on a hotel’s in-room resort television channel. This material also provides dynamic website content. Visitors the world over can view each hole separately as rolling aerial video with music and announcer voice-over.

Video of a Northern property’s green grass in warm summer sunshine is essential to the sales efforts during the winter months when the course is brown and under snow.

VIP Aerial Coverage is a dramatic way to document a new course’s original design, or a renovated course’s “new look.” Also, these productions serve as a “resume tape” of the course to send to tournament site selection committees who are located throughout the country and may not be familiar with the course being proposed as a tournament site.

These videos can be sent to the media outlets that are involved in ranking golf courses, such as Golf Digest, as a way to introduce the holes of the course and entice a site visit. Upon completion of the project, the club owns the raw footage from the helicopter shoot for use in other media productions.

Video of a finished project cannot be recorded until the course and the clubhouse have been completed. However, VIP Aerial Coverage is available to produce a sales video for a project’s marketing efforts well before the completion date. During or even before groundbreaking, a video is produced that includes scenic aerial footage of the property to be developed, the history of golf in the region, and on-camera interviews with principals in the project such as the golf course architect. All hosted by the network golf commentator of the club’s choosing. Available on professionally packaged CD-ROM’s and DVD’s to send to prospective members, lot owners, investors and media in the months and years prior to a club’s Grand Opening.

VIP Aerial Coverage is the new paradigm for golf course and real estate marketing, enabling a golf property to show the design and beauty of their project to the world in dramatic fashion.

For more, visit their website at and go to “VIP Aerial Coverage” on the home page. Free demonstration videos are available through the website, or by contacting Executive Producer Ben Harvey at (914) 767-0900.

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