Welcome to an All-New Cybergolf!

The first day of spring 2009 is a landmark for Cybergolf. Not only are we launching a whole new website we're unveiling GolfVite™, the most comprehensive social-networking system in the game.

As usual, we will continue to provide the latest news in golf along with outstanding stories and reporting from a bevy of nationally recognized writers. Behind the titles of the various sections at the top of our redesigned home page is a wealth of information that will help you play better, understand golf and be entertained by a sport we all love.

Cybergolf contains several new features, including the ability to readily access thousands of courses around the U.S. to find out where they're located, course-specific specials, real-time weather, discounts on rounds and merchandise, as well as links to their websites. You can use the interactive national map on the home page to find thousands of courses within seconds.

Our golf-only search engine will continue to be one of the Internet's most powerful tools to find facilities, stories and other pertinent data.

You can also now provide personal comments on our golf news and stories, and even send your favorites on to friends and other selected members of your group.

GolfVite™ is a free service that will help extend your reach to friends and other golfers. The patented technology enables you to:

• Quickly connect with friends to schedule a round.
• Show your profile to meet other golfers in your area with the same handicaps and preferences to create a compatible foursome.
• Access dozens of golf courses in your area and thousands of others around the U.S.
• Send personalized photos, golf trivia and swing tips to friends, with no limitations.
• Rate your favorite courses and get feedback from others to generate polls.
• Send emails to golfers in other parts of the country to find courses you want to play.
• Create customized emails to let your friends know about golf tournaments, hot equipment deals, and course critiques.
• Read the latest golf news around the world.
• Check weather forecasts for every day of the week locally and elsewhere.
• Send Web links to friends and others within your community.

For more information or to sign up as a GolfVite™ member, visit http://www.cybergolf.com/session/new.  

Look for us to continue to release more new and exciting programs in the months ahead.

Thanks for your ongoing support and being a regular visitor to Cybergolf.