Welcome to the New Womenís Golf Section of Cybergolf!

This new section is written by Nancy Berkley. Hereís what she has to say about her articles and womenís golf in general.

Golf is a wonderful game for women. First: Itís personal Ė you are solely responsible for the shot you make, which means you canít blame anyone for your mis-hits and no one can blame you. And in our busy interconnected world, that personal time is very valuable. Second: Golf progress is easy to measure Ė and you will improve if you play. Third, Golf is social and with the right attitude, very relaxing. Itís about having fun with family and friends and even building professional relationships. And finally, I think golf is healthy. Although itís not an aerobic exercise, the golf swing enhances balance and coordination, improves upper-body strength, maintains physical flexibility, and encourages good posture. Need I say more!

I have been a golfer for many years and worked for the past 10 years in the golf industry. My goal is simple: I want women to love the game as much as I do.

In this Womenís Golf section, we will cover a lot of subjects of interest to golfers of all skills, ages and interests. New content will be added frequently. If you have something special youíd like me to write about, send a note to info@nancyberkley.com. I will try to incorporate your questions and my answers in future columns.

Also, pass along my website www.berkleyconsulting.com to your golf facility or womenís association.

Thanks for coming to this area of Cybergolf, and please come back often. Play well and have fun!