Worldwide Golf Data Sought

The World Golf Foundation recently re-launched its website and is asking golfers around the world to help identify the key local statistics in every country on Earth.

The focus of the re-launch is adding and compiling worldwide golf information, which the WGF says will be an ongoing process. In the "Golf around the World" section in, if a visitor clicks on the Canadian flag, a summary of golf in Canada, complete with links to that country's major golf organizations and associations, pops up. So far only the Canadian flag is live, with more countries to be added in 2010.

"The World Golf Foundation is dedicated to supporting the growth of the game worldwide, and that includes being a source of information on the state of the game in each of those 118 countries," the website states. "This is a formidable research project which has begun and will never totally be completed, and we welcome any and all outside contributions to this effort."

The site seeks help in identifying - for each nation - the number of golfers, the number of golf facilities and the local government's view of the game.

For those who wish to help the WGF, email Jennifer Weiler at

The site also describes the foundation's structure and major business activities, such as Golf 20/20, the First Tee and the World Golf Hall of Fame.