Yoga & Fitness Pioneer Katherine Roberts Releases New DVDs

October 20, 2006. Yoga for Golfers is pleased to announce golf fitness expert Katherine Roberts has released two new DVD's: Lower Your Scores- Breaking 100, 90, 80 and More Power and Distance. In addition to producing golf performance and fitness DVDs for consumers, Roberts, a frequent host instructor on The Golf Channel, is available to share yoga-based golf fitness techniques at corporate events and golf outings.

According to Roberts, president of Yoga For Golfers, The Lower Your Scores DVD provides practical fitness techniques that will help shave strokes and lower scores below the common thresholds of 100, 90 and 80. Roberts shares specific conditioning methods that enhance power, create consistency and improve accuracy—performance attributes necessary to break through each playing ability level. As an added bonus, the Lower Your Scores DVD features golf tips from PGA Tour veteran and putting coach Stan Utley.

The second DVD, More Power and Distance, focuses on a range of yoga-based physical and mental techniques helpful for improving anyone's game. With this DVD golfers can customize their fitness program by choosing from a variety of chapters, each organized around key aspects such as pre-round warm up and breathing, conditioning the lower body for power, upper body conditioning for improved posture, and strengthening of forearms, hands and wrists for increased action. Roberts also demonstrates how to achieve balance and focus through the application of yoga-based concentration techniques.

In both DVDs, Roberts, an ESPN Golf School fitness coach, comfortably blends western golf biomechanics with eastern conditioning concepts inherent in the practice of yoga. "Our new DVDs serve as excellent tools for all players, from novice through advanced," said Roberts. "I enjoy sharing these useful breathing, strengthening and conditioning techniques not only with individuals interested in improving personal performance, but with businesses whose corporate culture may include golf, fitness and wellness programs."

The new DVDs along with others in the Yoga For Golfers DVD Series, are now available for $19.95 retail at For more information about speaking engagements or corporate clinics with Katherine Roberts, call 888/313-9642.     

Recognized as a pioneer and leader in yoga and golf fitness, Katherine Roberts is founder and president of Yoga For Golfers, a publishing and fitness consulting company based in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition to producing several DVDs, Roberts is the author of the groundbreaking book Yoga for Golfers (McGraw-Hill). She is an acclaimed motivational speaker and life coach who has provided golf fitness instruction to amateur players as well as to PGA and LPGA golf professional.