Golf Photography

A Pair of Golf's Artists

by Blaine Newnham

As golf course photographers, they combine a love of light and the game, searching for the perfect picture and occ

The Cameraman Never Lies

by Tony Dear

You'd think taking pictures of golf courses would be a pretty safe way to earn a living. Most of the time it is, but th

Tales of Wayward Buggies

by Aidan Bradley

Recently I got the urge to put pen to paper again and, on reflection, I attempted to discern why I agreed to embark

Come Fly with Me

by Aidan Bradley

On a recent trip to Ireland I packed a large bottle of my favorite Irish whiskey in my carry-on luggage. I know, it

Photogenic Pechanga

The new course at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, Calif., is quite attractive. On occasion, Cybergolf will devote space for a photo essay celebr

Punta Cana, Helga & Driving in the Dominican

by Aidan Bradley

Just flew from Santa Barbara, Calif., to Punta Cana. Left SB at 6 p.m. and arrived the following day in the Dominic

Hello from Portugal!

by Aidan Bradley

Greetings from the sun-baked Algarve! What a difference a country makes. I am happily more interested in what time

Finally . . . The Sun

by Aidan Bradley

After 10 days of testing my patience and finding no sun, I have decided to move on to greener pastures. Can't compl

Checks & Becks

by Aidan Bradley

Editor's Note: While our resident pundit-golf photographer was waiting for the sun to come out in Ireland in

Ramblings from the Road

by Aidan Bradley

I am lounging here in Montego Bay in Jamaica, enjoying a refreshing tooty-fruity drink as I glance out over an ench
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