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This is a brand-new section for Cybergolf. It was borne from the fact that there have been quantum industry shifts - as noted in golf course architect

Strategic Principles of Golf Design

by Jeffrey D. Brauer

All golfers have heard of "strategic," "penal" and "heroic" design, but may not fully understand it in actual p

Q. What Shape Should Our Tees Be?

by Jeffrey D. Brauer

Early tees didn't seem to have gotten much thought. Like cities, whose roads were laid out in grids, no matter

Q. Should Greens Help Hold Shots?

by Jeff Brauer

In general, yes. Some "architectural purists" (whatever that means) argue that a true challenge would require greens

Q. Are Reverse Slope Greens Okay?

by Jeffrey D. Brauer

Used correctly, I think they are.

Q. Why Do Greens Slope Back to Front?

by Jeff Brauer

The reason is twofold, as a green sloping gently towards golfers helps their approach shot "hold" the green,

Q. How Do We Eliminate Cart Paths Wear Areas?

by Jeffrey D. Brauer

A. I agree that concentrating traffic on paths generally leads to some compacted turf near high traffic areas.

Q. How Far Should Cart Paths Be from Greens?

by Jeffrey D. Brauer

A. I do know that they are often placed too close. From experience, these are my guidelines:

Q. How Do We Conceal Cart Paths from View?

by Jeffrey D. Brauer

A. I have always favored cart paths that are "handy" vs. "hidden," figuring a path hidden to golfers by dista

Q. How Big Should Greens Be for Maintenance?

by Jeffrey D. Brauer

While there are no firm rules on green size for playability, in the end there is a minimum size for good main
Q. Should Par-3 Holes be Designed Differently?
Q. How Big Should Our Tees Be?
Q. How Big Should A Green Be?
Q. How do We Design Cart Paths?
Finding the Landing Zone
Creating Strategic Tee Shots - Avoid Forced Carry & Lay-Up
Creating Strategic Tee Shots - Fairway Orientation
Creating Strategic Tee Shots - Fairway Width
Creating Strategic Tee Shots - How Difficult?
Strategic Concepts No. 1 - The 'Position Paradox'
Strategic Concepts - Optional Lay-Ups
Strategic Concepts - Outside Pinching Hazards
Strategic Concepts - Gradually Narrowing Fairways
Strategic Concepts - Double-Fairways
Strategic Concepts - Double-Fairways with Center-Line Bunkers
Forced Carries & Lay-up Hazards
Double-Side Fairway Hazards
The Forced-Curve Tee Shot
Using Fairway Slopes for Strategy
No Fairway Hazards?
Green Slopes for Maintenance - Part 1
Green Slopes for Maintenance - Part 2
Green Slopes for Putting - Part 1
Green Slopes for Putting - Part 2
Basics of a Cup-Rotation System
Definition of a Strategic Shot
Definition of a Penal Shot
The Heroic Shot
How Much Cup Space Does a Green Have?
How Many Ponds Should We Have?
Why Do Some Courses Have More Ponds than Others?
Can You Define 'Unfair'?
Part 1 - How Deep Should Fairway Bunkers Be?
Part 2 - How Deep Should Fairway Bunkers Be?
How Deep Should Green-Side Bunkers Be?
Why Do Greens Slope Back to Front?
Getting Back-to-Front Green Slope Correctly
Green-Backing Mounds
Yet More on Green-Backing Mounds
Problems with Green-Backing Mounds
Greens with No Backing Mounds