On the Lip

A Look & Taste outside the Ropes at the U.S. Open

by Elisa Gaudet

Being outside the ropes for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay is definitely not a bad thing. While this course has some

Spheres of Influence - Fathers Providing the Gift of Golf

Elisa Gaudet

Many golfers are quick to tell you they learned golf from their father, grandfather or father in law. Golf has a long

Do You Know What Day It Is?

by Elisa Gaudet

Yes, it's the deadline for income-tax filings but also National GOLF Day. Golf has its own day and what many might n

Innisbrook Owner's Passion & Vision

by Elisa Gaudet

Last Sunday the Valspar Championship at Innisbrook in Palm Harbor, Fla., finished in dramatic fashion when Jordan S

Lopez Leads Team USA to Win in Handa Cup

by Elisa Gaudet

With all the hoopla surrounding Tom Watson and his captaincy of the losing American Ryder Cup squad, perhaps the fo

Sweet Summer - New England Style

by Elisa Gaudet

Summer usually holds great memories and for many of us such moments helped shape our youth. Just like an old song o

Historic Times for Women's Golf

by Elisa Gaudet

The "big W," for me, is not just for Win, but Women Winning, especially after last week's performance by Michelle Wi

A Fond Look Back on 2013

by Elisa Gaudet

This year I was blessed to have visited and experienced some of the most beautiful golf locations in the United Stat

Golf 'Staycations' in NYC

by Elisa Gaudet

Living in New York City sometimes makes it difficult to get to the golf course. I decided to go on a quest and explo

The Visionary behind Liberty National

by Elisa Gaudet

It warms my Boston heart when I hear Paul Fireman say the word "harbor," which he often does given the spectacular
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